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Prosthetic Products - Knee

Below are samples of some of the technology available to you at District Prosthetics.

Endolite - The Mercury Hi-Activity is a new robust, more compact knee for active amputees. Rated to 300lbs, this knee provides a solution for the toughest environments. Combining the robust Mercury frame and popular CaTech Rex Hydraulic cylinder.

Otto Bock's C-Leg allows the wearer to seamlessly speed up or slow down, take on hills or slopes, recover from stumbles and go down stairs step-over-step. By utilizing microprocessors to control the knee’s hydraulic function, the knee is automatically fine-tuned 50 times a second, anticipating what the wearer is doing and accommodating every change, in real-time.

Ossur - The RHEO KNEE® is the world’s first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Capable of independent thought, it learns how the user walks, recognizing and responding immediately to changes in speed, load and terrain.