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Prosthetic Products - Hand

Below are samples of some of the technology available to you at District Prosthetics.

Motion Control Inc

Motion Control is the leading U.S. manufacturer of myoelectric and externally powered prosthetic arm systems. The flexion wrist allows the hand or work device to be positioned in a more natural position.

The ETD or electrical terminal device is the only water resistant external powered device commercially available. The unique grip pattern makes the device very useful when working with small objects or when durability is invaluable.

Motion Control ETD

Otto Bock The SensorHand SPEED has unmatched speed and responsiveness. In addition to increased speed, the unique AutoGrasp feature keeps held objects from slipping by monitoring and changing grip force as needed.

The endoskeletal carpal hand is approximately 1/3 lighter and 1/3 shorter than other hands while still maintaining the same grip strength and opening width.