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Prosthetic Products - Elbow

Below are samples of some of the technology available to you at District Prosthetics.

Otto Bock The DynamicArm 12K100 raises elbow function to the next level! It actively lifts loads weighing up to 13 lbs (6kg), responds twice as fast as other elbows (0.5 seconds from full flexion to extension) and features AXON Bus technology that delivers virtually instantaneous responsiveness to the user.

Motion Control Inc

Motion Control is the leading U.S. manufacturer of myoelectric and externally powered prosthetic arm systems. Motion Control introduced microprocessor technology into the Utah Arm 3 (U3), with a Computer Interface that allows the prosthetist or wearer to fine-tune the adjustments to achieve maximum performance.
Utah Arm: U3

LTI - The Boston Digital Arm System has many advanced features and capabilities. It can control up to four other prosthetic devices in addition to the elbow itself. For example, hands, grippers, wrist rotators, shoulder lock actuators, etc. can be operated through the Boston Digital Arm. And, these devices can be sequentially selected and operated by the user through co-contraction switching.