Patient Profile

Vertrube Taylor

“When I see a challenge, I see an opportunity to push myself,” says Vertrube Taylor, age 75, and a resident of Washington, DC. She’s been pushing herself ever since had a below knee amputation in 2002, which she needed as a result of poor circulation. She’s been working with David Fenton since then in meeting her prosthetic needs. She admits that at first her prosthetic was difficult to get used to. But her determination carried her through. “You’ve just got to reach within yourself and find the will.”

Ms. Taylor has enjoyed working with David Fenton at District Amputee Care Center because of his patience. “As an amputee you are in an awkward position because you know what you want but it’s hard to describe. You almost need an amputee to understand what you are trying to communicate. But David takes his time to understand.” She also notes that with prosthesis come ongoing adjustments. “I just got my third leg and it’s a new experience and a new re-adjustment.”

Now that Ms. Taylor has a prosthetic that fits her well, she can’t be stopped. “Thank God I’m able to get around independently. I’m 75 and I don’t work, but I need to be able to get around on my own. I’m able to stay active in church. I go to plays. I occasionally go down to the National Mall. One of my favorite activities is going to nursing homes and visiting with the residents. I’m able to be active with them.”

To anyone considering getting a prosthetic leg Ms. Taylor advises “go get it! Don’t sit in that wheel chair.” She also recommends finding a support group. “When I first got my leg I was with a group at the National Rehab Center. We met once a month. We encouraged each other and shared information. It was good to be with a group of people who I felt like they knew what I was going through.” She also advises that amputees keep good thoughts and stay positive.

Ms. Taylor is an inspiration to us all. When many would just give up, she keeps finding the will to do more.